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About Us

  shanhai yihe industrial co.,ltd.specializing in the development of manufacturing, has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.
Silica gel key products: all kinds of silicone rubber conductive or function keys, all kinds of remote control keys, keys etc.
Various types of silicone leather: mobile phone holster, leather tablet computer keyboard, protective cover, zero wallet, cigarette case, portable ash bag etc..
Precision silicone parts: Seismic buffer type, mobile phone, electric appliance, computer peripheral various special silicone rubber parts (including TPU, TPE, TPR material), sealing ring, 3D waterproof coil etc..
Silicone rubber surface treatment: Silicone surface protection treatment, PU surface protection treatment, metal plating surface treatment, hard soft resin dispensing, dispensing, laser engraving, antistatic surface treatment
Beijiao paste type: Silicone Rubber, EVA, Poron, all kinds of anti slip wear pads 3M, Sony, Nitto, Tesa single-sided, double-sided adhesive
Health silicone series: silica gel food mold, security angle, heat insulation pad, multi use rope packing, sealing cover, the protection pad, home security products etc.

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